Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ralph Leroy’s party at “La Porte Rouge” by Lipstick

As team Leroy was anxiously getting ready for the party at "La Porte Rouge" in honor of Ralph Leroy, we were conversing about how deserving Ralph was of such a thoughtful honor. The ladies were adorned with Kofi Collection masterpieces and Ralph without fail did not disappoint. He sported the perfect contrast of steel blue shirt with a winter green blazer and olive wool pants.

As we enter the room, we were greeted by the evermore sexy Patrick de Grâce, followed by Moon One television crew. (By the way, the crew followed Ralph’s every move all night long!) Everyone went nuts when Ralph was spotted. The VIP section couches covered with red velvet was reserved only for Ralph Leroy and his special guests. Patrick de Grâce set the night in motion with a round of Vodka shots. Then we danced to DJ Frigid hot mixes. Patrick, who threw the party in Ralph’s honor, opened the bar to team Leroy! We all had our glasses full with great cocktails but Ralph didn’t know what he wanted. The bartender promised to make him a drink that will knock his socks off. Boy, did he deliver! He concocted what he called the “Loverbird”. It’s a Martini with blueberry and other fruit juices that I can’t divulge. Before you know it, we were all having Loverbirds!

At one point of the night, Ralph was asked to say a few words. True to his charismatic self, he wowed the crowd in just a few simple sentences. “Are you having a good time?” He said. “Thank you everyone for coming. This was long overdue. But for those of you who are still talking about my kidnapping, well get over it! It made me the person that I am today. Now let’s have a party! And remember, that the NY’s Appollo theater makes superstars but tonight, La Porte Rouge and the Lipstick crew is hosting superstars; and we are all superstars tonight!” We all got a tad emotional but it’s exactly what needed to be said; since outpouring support has been flooding in from sall over the globe since Ralph’s interview with Nancy Roc of Metropolis.

The night continued with Ralph giving a few interviews. Team Leroy did a few interviews as well. Then we closed the night with Ralph on top of the bar giving the crowd -- his crowd -- his best rendition of Michael Jackson's famous moves.

Review by Maggie Hackett
Photo: Courtesy of Bradley Jay Hunt