Friday, October 21, 2011

Element'Air by Ralph Leroy F/W11-12

Fall-Winter 2011 collectionRalph Leroy meets a new challenge with his 2011-1012 fall-winter collection, which pays tribute to powerful women who have bided their time. The "Air" element presents suits and coats, which may, at first glance, appear basic, but whose underlying qualities reveal the drive of today's powerful career women. Wool, silk and lace are among the elements supporting this strong vision of today's fashionable woman. This fall, men become more charming, more seductive in fashions whose combinations of leather and wool convey greater ease and self-confidence.


Multi-faceted designer and jewelry creator Ralph Leroy combines the sharpness of the cut with his contemporary vision of fashion in a chic, urban and contemporary style. Colors and audacity are the two aspects that characterize the collections of this artisan of beauty.


Collection automne-hiver 2011Ralph Leroy relève un nouveau défi. Sa collection automne-hiver 2011-2012 est un hommage aux femmes de pouvoir qui ont marqué leur temps. Élément 'Air présente des tailleurs et des manteaux apparemment élémentaires, mais qui accentuent et révèlent la gestuelle de la femme de carrière et de pouvoir. Laine, soie et dentelle sont autant d'éléments qui la valorisent. L'homme, cet automne, devient plus charmeur et séducteur avec des mélanges de cuir et de laine qui lui donnent assurance et aisance.


Designer polyvalent et créateur de bijoux, Ralph Leroy combine la rigueur de la coupe et sa vision contemporaine de la mode à travers un style chic, urbain et contemporain. Couleurs et audace sont les deux facettes qui caractérisent les collections de cet artisan de la beauté.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Journey Through FIRE!

I hope you’re good at riddles, because here is one. What do you call a show exhibiting a world premiere music video with a live performance by the band , a fire defying dance and clothing that is flamboyant in color, alive with texture and free with movement? Any guesses? 

It is a spectacle of fashion that was fortunately brought to us by Ralph Leroy’s “Element of Fire” Spring/Summer 2012 collection presented at Ottawa Fashion Week.

The second the Ralph Leroy team touched down in Ottawa, it was a race to the 9:00pm show. Ralph ran to the Ottawa Convention Center and to the area where his show would take place later in the evening and began making his models walk the runway over and over again.The rest of his team dispersed and soon one would be able to recognize the faces frantically running back and forth with garment bags, shoe bags, notepads, hangers, and of course the necessary coffee runs. From afar it may have seemed as though they were running to and from a fire!

It was a mere two hours before the Ralph Leroy show when Ralph was able to come out for air. Time felt like sand seeping right through our fingers and close to none of Ralph Leroy’s staff spent more than 10 minutes with him or had complete conversations with him for the amount of work than needed to be finished. As he took a breather from the madness inside, people were approaching and letting him know how much they were looking forward to seeing the Ralph Leroy show. With a smile, Ralph would reply “Do not come watch it! If you are faint of heart, please do not come watch my show.” That rule applied for this audience as well as his staff.

Due to a show that ran late previously to Ralph Leroy’s, the “Element of Fire” show
went on one hour behind schedule. The crowd outside the Ottawa Convention Center doors was thick with style and eager faces. As everyone got to their seats, a parental advisory you might hear before "Jersey Shore" came onto the loud speaker. Only, the voice suggested mild discretion to the show with strong imagery to be expected. Mackenzie 1st's video for their single "Better" played as the runway's background as vocalist and guitarist from the band, David and Domenic strutted down the runway in two Ralph Leroy costume changes and wowed the crowd with their enthusiastic performance.  Guests in their seats were close to falling off them as Sophie Latreill emerged from a wall of smoke with fire frames as arms moving them close to her face and body as well as twirling and maneuvering them in such a way it was a treat for the eyes. For how close the fire might have been to the audience, they had only got a taste of it so far.

Ambulance and firetruck sirens filled the room and like a popped bottle of Moët & Chandon, the Element of Fire looks began filtering down the runway. Fiery gold metallic pieces worn by Ottawa's own Erica Wark and casual outfits including chambray rompers, jumpsuits with iconic red stitching was the comfort expected for Spring/Summer 2012. Men in suits used a pop of color with red ties. Lustrous silks for women in exquisitely cut dresses wowed the crowd. Flamboyant coats with contrasts buttons and capes flew to the soundtrack with notable lyrics like "Fired up" had the spectators pumped. As the finale drew near, it became a feast for the eyes. Waxed linen dresses for those sweltering summer days were feminine and the tail of the silk gowns at couture heights followed the models behind them. 

"Utter mastery" described Julie Breun for the Ottawa Sun. The moment that everyone is still talking about was the white feathered and black polka dot wedding gown that closed the show with drama and intensity. "It was unlike anything we've ever seen here at Ottawa Fashion week" overheard by an on looker. Ralph Leroy took the stage for the designer's bow looking like the master to his Element of Fire soldiers as the smoke cleared. 

Twitter, Facebook and Ralph Leroy's blog has blown up since the weekend show in Ottawa. We are expecting Spring/Summer 2012 to be quite hot filled with men and women wearing Ralph Leroy. Take a look from the photos below for your favorite pieces!

By Blame Coco



Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Leroy a mis le feu à la baraque

Explosif- Créatif –Jouissif… ELEMENT FIRE à la 6e édition de la semaine de la mode à Ottawa
Quand Ralph Leroy met en scène ses vêtements c’est carrément Jouissif…

Susciter la curiosité et attirer les gens de tous horizons c’est le credo de Ralph Leroy. Ennemi de la médiocrité Ralph Leroy a mis le feu à la baraque au Convention Theater d’Ottawa vendredi soir. Un défilé digne des grands podiums.

Ralph Leroy nous a laissé rentrer dans son monde en nous offrant sa collection dans une mise en scène coupé au couteau et c’est dans une ambiance de feu, de fumée, de lumières, et de sons que sont apparus les garçons et les filles qui endossaient les vêtements du talentueux designer.

En entrée comme cocktail le vidéo du groupe Mackenzie First projeté sur grand écran en fond de scène avec à l’avant–plan les deux chanteurs du groupe comme sortie de leur vidéo sur un coup de baguette à la Leroy, nippé Idem pour interpréter leur chanson Better. 

L'enchaînement fut carrément incroyable! Leroy a su bien manier l’élément feu avec élégance, charme électrisant, et des agencements de couleurs réussis. Il nous surprend à chaque tableau et les corps chantent et dansent sous ses vêtements. À chaque fois qu’on croyait atteindre le summum du défilé, il attisait encore plus la flamme dans ce festin pour les yeux.

Surprenant! pour clôturer son show, Une beauté d’ébène nous arrive avec une robe en soie blanche courtissime incrustée de plumes d’oie avec une traîne longue de 4 à 5 mètres époustouflant! ouf! Le temps a très vite filé en compagnie de Leroy.

Après avoir exploré tous les éléments Leroy va t-il tous les réunir sur un même podium?

Je n’ose pas vous donner la réponse… Je me censure…

Leroy une identité, une mode, et de la passion


Marie Ange Barbancourt
Montréal, dimanche 2 Octobre 2011


Better by Mackenzie First

MACKENZIE FIRST opened the Ralph Leroy's Collection spring/summer 2012 "FIRE" with "Better" which was presented Worldwide in the Capital of Canada.

Take a look and yes they are wearing Ralph Leroy in that video...
Get better and feel better.

Mackenzie First is a Canadian alternative; pop, post-punk band formed in 2001 by singer/songwriter Dave Black & guitarist songwriter Domenic Berardi in Montreal, Canada. Black & Berardi worked for the next few years on the bands development and songwriting. After countless demos and club dates to fine-tune the material, the band was starting to show results. The music soon became an outlet allowing them to air their views on the social landscape and its changing tides. The sound was also taking on a new shape. Experimental pop textures were infused with timely subject matter, (always with a tongue-in-cheek delivery) yielded refreshing results, such as their first single and video BETTER on their debut album. Mackenzie First’s music had now evolved into their very own distinct brand.
It’s not often that a band makes it past the harsh reality of the industry and keeps its, course creating the music it believes in. Mackenzie First has proven to be the exception. They have stayed on track and continued to write songs that inspire. Since their inception in 2001, they have remained strong and faced adversity with a smile. Their strong morals and humoristic approach to world events brings about a refreshing take on music.

“Music has a way to move people. It has the capabilities to change the world. It becomes removed from the creator and it turns into the listeners’ escape.” said Dave Black, Mackenzie First’s front man and founder.

Mackenzie First has always used their music to approach situations that affect people, never to the detriment of a great melody, songs like THINK, BETTER and REAL WORLD; Black and Berardi here touch on strong, some times controversial issues while staying within a well crafted pop context.

Mackenzie First’s album (October 2011) will be released around the world using Universal Music Group’s distributed label TAB records, founded by renowned producer Tino Izzo and Bob Telaro. The band will be playing local shows and showcases in Canada, while they prepare to embark on a national tour in the spring of 2012 and a US promotional tour summer/fall 2011.


Photo: Janie Fontaine