Monday, August 3, 2009

Kofi Collection is coming to New York

by Marylin Laurent

New York, the capital of fashion will be the witness of Kofi Collection premiere this Fall. The anticipation is boiling on slow burner. Excitement is increasing little by little. At last! Kofi Collection, created by Ralph Leroy, acclaimed fashion and jewelry designer, has been renowned internationally and in particular, in Montreal, Canada, its home.

For quite some time New Yorkers have been following the brilliant uprise of this astounding company. And today, finally, the Big Apple is the next destination of Kofi Collection.

This exceptional event will bring to the eyes of jewelry lovers, exclusive creations made of sumptuous rare stones and corals, in other words, a lavish melting pot of trinkets bursting out of Leroy’s workshop for the Fall 2009 season.

Ralph Leroy is the winner of international prizes in the fashion world. He started as a model and today, he is the creator of Ralph Leroy, the clothing line for men. He has been featured in various shows in Montreal. His lively personality and tremendous marketing talent have earned him recognition from important organization. Humanitarian, he has dedicated himself to serve various causes including the research for a cure for Cancer and aid to the poor.

On the occasion of Fashion Week in New York City, we are looking forward to indulge our fancy taste in the Kofi Collection expo/sale. We are expecting hundreds of guests at that event and are looking forward to an evening to remember! This affair will be the first of many.

In my name, and the name of the New Yorkers versed in the fashion and jewelry industry, I am extending the warmest welcome to Kofi Collection in New York City।

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