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The Zoe Must-Have-Now Cardigan

The Zoe Must-Have-Now Cardigan

Why make do with a boring, grandma-made-it cardigans when you can wear instead the latest smart cardigan by Ralph Leroy?

Forget all you knew about button-up cardigans that are bland and well, too granny-style.

 An entirely feminine and playful cardigan, exactly like beloved Zooey Deschanel, is the latest creation by Ralph Leroy. (We see what you did there Ralph!)

Just like Zooey Deschanel, the Zoe is not your average cardigan. The Zoe might as well be a class of its own. Perhaps even in a few years the ‘Zoe’ will be used to name a versatile, imaginative upper garment, with a plethora of applications.

Don’t you love the idea of having clothes that can be dressed in more than one way? We most certainly do!

This is the Zoe (Ζωή, Greek for life) cardigan. What Zoe does is bring into life boring, uninspired outfits. With the adaptability of the Zoe cardigan you’ll be able to come up with completely unique ways to wear it, making exceptional every single of your outfits.

Zoe here is worn as a figure-hugging blouse with a V-neck plunge neckline. The wrap front design finishes on the back into a knot. This Zoe look is subtly sexy and humble. Plus you have the liberty to re-adjust the wrap for optimum comfort and sexiness!



For a fresher, attention-grabbing look, you can wear your Zoe cardigan on top of a dress for on the spot chicness.
Wrap it over your dress with a simple crossing of the two extremes and voila: the Zoe transforms your look into an utterly feminine one. This look is certainly something Rachel Zoe would be seen in, isn’t it?

Zoe’s a blouse too!

Worn as a top, Zoe can be paired with your pencil skirt for a chic office look. How about wearing it over your khakis for a more Jackie O’, minimal glamour? Just an idea.

You can easily wrap Zoe in more intricate knots, or even come up with your own knot patterns. Zoe is all about discovering your own fashion creativity!

Belt Zoe Up!

Belts are little fashion devils that can auto-magically make over an entire outfit.

In point of illustration, look at the Zoe above, yes it’s (still) the Zoe! It’s no wonder how the little belt got you confused and impressed! With such a simple addition, your Zoe cardigan acquires instant sophistication, with a pinch of sassy always on the side.

To achieve this look, wear your Zoe  as a top wrapped into a a cross, then take your Zoe belt and wrap it at the narrowest part of your waist. We’re picturing Zoe Saldana wearing and loving this look!

Zoe’s full of potential

Here Zoe is worn as a skin-bearing crop top. Now that’s summer, showing a bit more tanned flesh is almost imperative. And Zoe won’t disappoint you.

With a bigger knot wrap, the Zoe shortens up so that it becomes a fashionable crop top. Pair with your studded short jeans and you got your music festival look sorted out!

From sexy to elegant. With Zoe you can be anything you want, the options are infinite. Look how easily it gives you an air of class and elegance when paired with a same colored knee-length LBD.

So, how will you be wearing your Zoe this summer?

Colors: marine, black, olive, red, blue, yellow, gray  
Sizes: 4 to 12
70.00 + tax

On Sale at:
Ralph Leroy @ SIGNATURES QUÉBÉCOISES .-. 560, rue Saint-Joseph Est, Québec, Qc G1K 3B8

Point exclamation! .-. 762 rue Saint-Jean, Quebec, Qc G1R 1P9

Collection Element Feu
Spring/Summer 12 
Photo: Vincent Chine
Model: Tay@ Orange Model

Zoe Sleeveless Top/Cardigan
Retails for

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